physiotherapy home service bd
physiotherapy home service bd

Physiotherapy home service BD

The physiotherapy home service BD. Do you require physiotherapy? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We offer the best physiotherapists in Bangladesh. You can easily get an experienced physiotherapist by calling at home. In various parts of Dhaka city, experienced and knowledgeable therapists are now by your side. additionally For male patient, We offer male physiotherapists and for female patients, we provide female physiotherapists. Patients with arthritis, paralysis, or stroke may benefit from home physiotherapy. Special-care therapy and sports injury therapys can help children with special needs. 

The Physiotherapy is a neglected treatment modality in Bangladesh. The therapy is a successful and long-lasting solution to pain or other common problems. In those cases, patient prefer medicine more. In many cases, these things lead to surgery. However, unlike medicine, which has a variety of side effects, therapy has none.

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Physiotherapy Home Service In Dhaka

Our physiotherapists  are highly qualified and trained, and they both have a diploma and a BSc in the field. At the patient’s home or in the hospital, our physiotherapists will offer one-hour-long physical therapy sessions.

We send two different kinds of physiotherapists to treat patients.

Diploma and B.Sc. physiotherapist

A professional degree program in the healthcare industry called Diploma/B.Sc. Physiotherapist focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical impairments, disabilities, and pain using physical methods like exercise, massage, and other manual approaches. The program’s objective is to give patients a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular systems of the human body as well as the fundamentals of physical therapy.

Trained physiotherapist

A trained physiotherapist is a person who has acquired theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in physiotherapy through non-academic channels including on-the-job training, workshops, or apprenticeships. They may have acquired their abilities through apprenticeships with seasoned physiotherapists and learned from them, or by finishing non-academic, practical training programs.


A common treatment method used to prevent injuries, advance health, and build physical power is physiotherapy. When you look closely, you’ll see that it truly refers to a variety of physical therapy techniques and methods as a whole. In this post, we look at the common physiotherapy techniques and the conditions they treat. physiotherapy home service BD.

physiotherapy home service BD

Sports Physiotherapy

A common treatment method used to prevent injuries, advance health, and build physical power is physiotherapy. When you look closely, you’ll see that it truly refers to a variety of physical therapy techniques and methods as a whole. In this post, we look at the common physiotherapy techniques and the conditions they treat.Sporting activities are typically more physically taxing than everyday ones. Athletes are susceptible as a result to muscle and tendon injuries.

Sports physiotherapists can assist all levels of athletes in recovering more quickly from sports injurie and improving their overall performance. physiotherapy home service BD.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Age-related changes in muscle mass, reaction times, balance, and coordination are common. Furthermore, many require specialized routines to handle overlapping health conditions.


Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy is a branch of physical therapy that focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating patients with developmental disorders who are newborns, young children, or teenagers.

Children with cerebral palsy, delayed development, skeletal issues, or congenital limitations might benefit from exercises and other cutting-edge therapies from pediatric physiotherapists to build strength and improve their motor skills. physiotherapy home service BD.

physiotherapy home service BD

Pediatric Physiotherapy

A subspecialty of physical therapy known as pediatric physiotherapy is dedicated to identifying, preventing, and treating developmental abnormalities in newborns, young children, and teenage patients.

Exercises and other cutting-edge therapies are used by pediatric physiotherapists to help kids with cerebral palsy, stunted development, skeletal issues, or congenital limitations regain their strength and develop their motor skills. 

physiotherapy home service BD

Neurological Physiotherapy

The brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves are all affected by neurological diseases and traumas. You can as a result lose your balance, have a smaller range of motion, and have weaker muscles. 

physiotherapy home service BD

Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

Cardiovascular physiotherapists assess your heart and lungs’ health and recommend the best activities. physiotherapy home service BD.

physiotherapy home service BD


To build, regain, or preserve the meaningful activities or occupations of people, groups, or communities, occupational therapy (OT) uses evaluation and intervention. OTs frequently assist clients with physical, mental, or emotional conditions. physiotherapy home service BD.


Children and adults who have problems speaking, swallowing, eating, or drinking are treated, supported, and cared for via speechs and languages therapy. SLTs are allied health specialists who specialize in speech and language therapy. The assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speeches, languages, and communication problems in adults and children of all ages is the specialty of speech and language therapists.

Neurological Physiotherapy

physiotherapy home service BD


The brain tissue is deprived of oxygen and nutrients and experiences a stroke when the blood flow to a specific area of the brain is reduced or stopped. After the stroke, some healing may occur quickly in the first few days and weeks. Over time, other advancements could take place. If you begin stroke physical therapy as soon as possible, rather than waiting, you have a greater chance of regaining lost abilities and skills. If the stroke caused damage to the part of the brain that controls movement, you may have weakness or paralysis on one side of your body, trouble moving and performing everyday chores, or other symptoms. Your recovery is aided by physical therapy.

physiotherapy home service BD


Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and the most common movement condition. The hallmark of Parkinson’s disease is a progressive loss of muscle control. Physical therapy cannot restore brain damage, hence Parkinson’s disease cannot be treated by it. Physiotherapy seeks to enhance mobility, function, and pain management in order to boost your independence and quality of life. Physiotherapy can assist with balance concerns. physiotherapy home service BD.


A uncommon but deadly autoimmune condition known as Guillain-Barré syndrome occurs when the immune system destroys healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system (PNS). This results in a loss of strength, numbness, and tingling, which may finally result in paralysis. For Guillian-Barré syndrome (GBS), physical therapy should begin in the hospital and continue until you have attained your full capacity.


A particular form of facial paralysis known as Bells palsy makes it impossible to control the facial muscles on the afflicted side. Physiotherapy can improve Bell palsyrelated weakness. Patients with Bell palsy who have ongoing weakness may benefit from performing facials exercises in front of a mirror. physiotherapy home service BD.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy


Injury, physical exercise, and various medical disorders can all cause back discomfort. People of any age might have back discomforts for a variety of reasons. Lower backs pain is more likely to occur as people age because of things like prior occupations and degenerative disk disease. The ligaments that wrap the spine and discs, the bony lumbar spine, the discs between the vertebrae, the spinal cord and nerves, the lower muscles, or other things may be to blame for lower discomforts. physiotherapy home service BD.

physiotherapy home service BD


Neck pain is a common issue. Rarely, neck pain may be an indication of a more serious problem. Injury to the muscles, nerves, or bones of the neck is a common cause of neck discomfort. Neck stiffness can develop as a response to and a result of muscle spasm in addition to other conditions that make the neck uncomfortable, such as traumatic traumas. Pain alleviation and the restoration of normal neck function may be aided by physiotherapy. Physiotherapists make adjustments to the neck and thoracic joints to reduce stiffness, encourage mobility, and increase range of motion.


A typical knee issue is pain, which can come from the patella ( cap), the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage (meniscus) of the knees, as well as any of the bone components that make up the joint (femur, tibia, fibula). Exercise and obesity may both make pain worse. Knee pain can be influenced by the movements of the surrounding muscles as well as by other problems (such as a footinjury). People of all ages may feel uncomfortable.

A physiotherapist can diagnose your knees discomfort and provide the appropriate therapies, such as exercises and modalities, to help you feel better overall and increase your mobility.

physiotherapy home service BD


Frozen shoulder or other shoulder pain might affect your shoulder joint. The pain and stiffness typically start off gradually, become worse, and then fade away. This might take a year to three years. The ball and socket joint in your shoulder is made up of three bones.

During this time, you can also begin doing light pendulum exercises. You may prevent a frozen shoulder by maintaining shoulder mobility. Following a few days of rest, shoulder exercises can be performed to increase the joint’s range of motion and the rotator cuff muscles’ strength.

Pediatric Physiotherapy


A category of persistent mobility problems known as cerebral palsy (CP) first show up in young children. Individuals and time might affect the signs and symptoms. Poor coordination, tight, weakened, and trembling muscles are frequent complaints. Sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, and speech issues might exist. A brain injury or brain abnormality that happens before, during, or after birth and affects the growing brain is the cause of cerebral palsy.

The benefits of physical therapy for cerebral palsy include improved strength, flexibility, motor function, and mobility. Patients with cerebral palsy benefit from physical therapy because it can ease symptoms including muscular stiffness, range of motion restrictions, and sensory impairment.


Early childhood is when early childhood mobility problems such as cerebral palsy (CP) first manifest. Between individuals and with time, signs and symptoms change. Poor coordination, rigid muscles, weak muscles, and tremors are frequent symptoms. Sensational, visual, auditory, swallowing, and verbal issues might exist. A brain injury or brain abnormality that takes place prior to, during, or after birth is the root cause of cerebral palsy.

Physical therapy can help cerebral palsy patients with their strength, flexibility, motor development, and mobility. Physical therapy helps people with cerebral palsy by addressing issues such muscular stiffness, range of motion restrictions, and sensory impairment.


Autism, or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a wide range of illnesses that are all characterized by difficulty with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in 59 children in the United States has autism. Abnormalities in brain structure or function are generally acknowledged as the etiology of autism spectrum condition, despite the fact that the exact origin is unclear. According to brain scans, children with autism have a different brain shape and structure than kids with neurotypical development. Physical therapy exercises and activities can improve balance, posture, and motor skills while also strengthening the body. physiotherapy home service BD.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Home Service BD


When pain or damage first appears, physiotherapy employs a range of treatments and physical activities to start the healing process. When your daily life is impacted by an injury, accident, chronic medical condition, or re-injury, a physiotherapist can help you get back to the activities you like.

Physiotherapy Home Service BD


Palliative care, pronounced pal-lee-uh-tiv, is a specific medical procedure needed to treat serious illnesses. The major objective of this type of therapy is to provide relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. The goal is to improve the quality of life for both the patient and their family.

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Like with any medical procedure, it is important to have a qualified professional do your physical therapy. At Physiotherapy Home Service BD, we offer top-notch physiotherapists and top-notch tools to help with your treatment. We also provide physical treatment at home. Please get in touch with us to arrange for your personalized treatment.

Why Choose Us

Cost Effectiveness

Even while some physiotherapists prefer to charge extra for in-home care, it is still more affordable than going to a physical therapy office. Mostly because you save on travel expenses. In addition, if you’re feeling unwell, an ambulance could be required for your travel. These fees can be saved by receiving physiotherapy at home.

Time management

Utilizing home physiotherapy services enables the patient and his or her family to monitor the healing process and determine if the patient is receiving appropriate physiotherapy treatments.


The patient and his or her family can monitor the course of the treatment and determine if the patient is receiving appropriate physiotherapy care by taking use of home physiotherapy services.

Comfort of home

A patient is said to feel more at ease at home compared to the clinic’s atmosphere. The presence of family members during the course of therapy boosts the patient’s spirits and aids in their quick recovery.

Personalized treatment

By receiving physiotherapy at home, you may have a detailed conversation with the doctor about your condition. Depending on your condition right now, you can also cooperate with your physiotherapist.

Increased scope of treatment

Selecting a home-based private physiotherapist also frequently broadens the scope of the healing process. In a clinic, there are typically several patients present, making it difficult for the physiotherapist to give each one adequate attention. Therefore, choosing home physical treatment allows the physiotherapist to focus on each patient individually, which aids in the patient’s faster recovery.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy At Home

It has been proven over time that physiotherapy is effective in helping patients restore their health and enhance their physical strength, function, and mobility. Our physiotherapists individually visit you and carry out physiotherapy at home to further improve your experience with the treatment. Receiving physiotherapy services at home has certain advantages, such as:


  • makes it convenient
  • offers individualized attention
  • accelerates the healing process
  • No problems with mobility
  • more efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Support and supervision from family

Say good-bye to all your concerns and inconveniences associated with physiotherapy treatment with the help of our reasonable and responsible home services.

Physiotherapy Home Service BD

About Us

Our physiotherapists have spent years in training, learning methods that target the body’s joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Joints can become stiff, muscles can get tight, and ligaments and tendons can become less flexible after an accident, a procedure, or simply from lack of use. Additionally, scar tissue that may have formed around nerves might cause them to become less mobile. Manual therapy and massage can treat these conditions by restoring joint motion, muscle length, and nerve mobility.This therapy can assist in preparing your body to withstand the demands of daily activities in addition to helping you set up your exercises. physiotherapy home service BD.

Ergonomic Assessment:

Our physiotherapists are available to visit your company, evaluate workplace ergonomics, including the placement of desks, chairs, and computer stations, and offer advice on best practices for postural treatment. We describe how little adjustments can help avoid back, neck, and repetitive strain injuries and help businesses save money. Back or neck discomfort is a common complaint among the patients we meet. In actuality, 90% of people have back discomfort at some point in their life. Examining what we do every day, especially at work – how we sit, stand, walk, and lift items – typically yields the most prevalent source of these aches and pains. And that’s where Home Care Physio comes in; we can assist in resolving such issues, frequently even before they arise. physiotherapy home service BD.


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